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Hi there, I'm Faye and this is my Daring lil space on Tumblr.

I'm a little chubby thing with a BIG personality, a retired BBW pin up model, a wannabe photographer, underachiever, dreamer and hopeless romantic.
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This is Katie West (but you wanna make it bigger)


Myself and Katie West at the King Edward hotel.

These pictures of us are always my favourite. Intimate and where you can see her as well. You know she’s there, and this is exactly what she’s seeing.

This is my new favourite photo of us.

Katie West @ The King Edward Hotel in Toronto ON

April 2014 by myself

Click through - the larger version is better :)

Echo on film by me - taken last summer. 

Katie West


Today is this babe’s birthday. Ever since Faye has come into my life, she has made me want to become a better photographer and a better person. She lights up the room when she walks in and you can’t take your eyes off of her, even though she doesn’t always think that. I hope her day is just as amazing as she is and I’m very blessed to have her in my life.

Faye (July 2013 | Hav-A-Nap Motel | Toronto, ON)

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In Living Room ~ Faye

Copyright 2013 Joanne Leah


BABEFEST outtake of Faye Daniels by Katie West

Oooooo that’s me - naked in a river in Woodstock NY.

I miss that place. I miss the company I shared. I miss photography every single day. 

Can it be Babefest 2014 already?

Jacs Fishburne

Hav-A-Nap Motel - Scarborough Ontario - July 2013

(you wanna click through and make this bigger)

Katie West enjoying the sun on Kodak TMax