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I'm a little chubby thing with a BIG personality, a retired BBW pin up model, a wannabe photographer, underachiever, dreamer and hopeless romantic.
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Kind of feeling like a babe today.

Last one - I promise. 

By Katie West - she posted a cropped version from IG that was up previously but the full shot is so much prettier in my opinion. Katie captures me in a way that no one else does. 

I’m especially surprised at these because on the day that she took this I felt that I wasn’t being very co-operative. I wasn’t have a good “face” day (my fellow posers/models know what I mean) and in general I didn’t feel “into it”. Still - she got this and I’m sure many other beautiful shots. 

Katie West is magic to me. 

By Katie West

January 2014 (I think)

At Katie’s House - Ontario, Canada

An outtake from some photos that I took for my someone special. 

December 2013

ALT Hotel - Mississauga ON

Oh hey - that’s me - forever ago.

Ok, so lets be real for a second here. What is the secret to shopping at Monif C.

Cause I love her stuff, most stuff I can wear to work AND dress up for evening and she has lots of options that aren’t too revealing. They fit AMAZING and have great cuts for plus size women.

love - LOVE I tell you.

However, I live in Canada (of course, that’s always the catch) - so I understand that I will ALWAYS have to pay duties and shipping and all that BS.

But each dress is $150-250 - plus tax, plus shipping, plus duties. That ends up being around $300 a dress. THIS CAN’T BE. IT SIMPLY CANNOT BE.

Even when I try to use the sale codes and buy the sale items - once I’m done the prices of stuff just doesn’t make sense. Well, they make sense but not for my bank account.

So - there has to be a secret. I love so many things, I need a couple new dresses for work. Do my fellow fatshionistas have any tips or do I just plain have expensive taste?


Miss @FayeDaniels. Perfect babe of my heart.

Katie West is BEST. That’s all. If you don’t know now you know.


Hi there,

I posted before Christmas about starting a new project and requesting models in my area. I’m still looking for those however, there was a lot of interest from girls aren’t close enough to model for me specifically so I’ve chosen to open up the project to remote models as well.


I’m sending this out once more. I keep sending mass emails out to my models and have a new group of people wanting to join so - if there is anyone interested in being apart of this project/book - please email me this week.

If you are in my area I will shoot you for this project. If not you’ll have to do your own photography or find a photographer in your area.

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Faye Daniels from BABEFEST

BABEFEST will stop being available on January 1. Get it while you can. 

It’s over now. You missed it. Babefest is gone forever. But this picture is still good.

I want to do a project that will result in either a website or a printed zine that includes women of size with short interviews regarding your relationship with your body. If you wouldn’t like to be interviewed and instead want to write a short story or essay about the subject that’s completely fine as well.

I’m looking for women who are around my area and who are chubby/plus size/fat/thick/curvy who would be willing to model for me nude or scantily clad in their own bedroom, or a room within their own home. The photos while they may be nude are not meant to be overtly sexual and or pornographic.

This is not a paid shoot. If you’re interested please email me here - I’ll be shooting for this project in the new year.