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Hi there, I'm Faye and this is my Daring lil space on Tumblr.

I'm a little chubby thing with a BIG personality, a retired BBW pin up model, a wannabe photographer, underachiever, dreamer and hopeless romantic.
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An Old Favorite

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This week’s outfit post is up now! It features a cherry printed scarf that I was gifted by my good friend Jenn.

Check it out now:


I’ve been waiting for this post to go live and it did just that yesterday over at!

I made the decision to start doing lingerie reviews/articles/outfit posts. Mainly because I’m the biggest lingerie addict ever and I get so many questions about where and what to buy all the time.

Visit my blog and let me know what you think!!

Green With Envy now up on the blog.


This happened. For REAL. I’m still heartbroken.

New blog up now at My Darling Faye


New blog post: Week 2 of “The Leopard Print Challenge”

It’s no surprise to anyone that myself and Faye love rocking the pinup look.. This week we’ve got a little Mad Men, “Joan vs. Betty” vibe going on! Click the link above to read more about our outfit details, the winner from last week - and remember to leave your vote for who you think this weeks winner should be! We had a lot of fun creating these outfits, and it would be awesome to hear what you guys think of them :3


Faye and Melissa

Eeee! This was for last week and I’ve been so under the weather that I’m just posting it now!

If you’re a plus size fashion blogger, we’d love your feedback on our new fashion challenge and would love to both head and follow you in general. Head over to Queen Sized and take a peak. :)

Melissa is so right, we did have a Joanie vs. Betty thing going on last week. Personally I favor her outfit, look how freakin cute she is. To think she lives every single day looking THAT fabulous - and it’s true. I can barely keep up over here!

The lovely Teer Wayde - a perfect example of a real woman with real curves and no photoshop. Love it!