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Asker Anonymous Asks:
How do you feel about knowing that men masturbate to your image?
fayedaniels fayedaniels Said:

Honestly, I don’t at all think about it. As in - ever.

That’s not why I post the images that I do. Logically I’m sure it does happen but that’s not something that takes up any space in my mind. It makes no difference to me whether they do or they don’t. I don’t get turned on or turned off by it. I prefer NOT to know if they are using my images for that.

I think it comes down to knowing that anything that I put out into the internet will be there forever and that ultimately I have no power over the way it’s seen/taken in or how people judge it or me.

In general I think I’ve come to terms with that. I’m not one of those girls that posts a picture and then freaks out months later that her tits are on the internet. I’ve known multiple women throughout my internet life that would get lonely and need attention - go on a posting spree act like some kind amateur porn star and then freak out months later and delete everything and then go on to complain when they found their old images on other websites/forums. And most don’t do this once and learn their lesson but go through their lives doing it over and over again which is something I don’t understand.

To me, I think if you’re going to show ANYTHING online that you need to be committed to it. That you need to be comfortable with the world seeing it. That you need to know that once you set it free into internet land that chances are you wont like everything you get back and that ultimately it is there forever. So when you make that choice, make it knowing what you are getting into.  That your friends will see it, that there is a chance your parents will see it. That it may cause problems for potential jobs in the future or with guys that you want to date.

Again - babbling, I have far too many opinions lately it seems.

  1. tonightinatlanticcity said: I’m always game to read your opinions, personally. They’re pretty darn interesting.
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