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Hi there, I'm Faye and this is my Daring lil space on Tumblr.

I'm a little chubby thing with a BIG personality, a retired BBW pin up model, a wannabe photographer, underachiever, dreamer and hopeless romantic.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
What does the future hold for you with regards to your presence on the Internet? Do you see yourself continuing with erotic photos in the long term? I for one will be very sad when you stop. Please keep going forever? Pretty please? *whimpers*
fayedaniels fayedaniels Said:

Uh, I don’t really have an answer for this. I’m not going to do this forever I know that. I’m already slowing down with it.  Ultimately I think that I’ll always self shoot in one way or another but whether I share things as openly as I do now I don’t know.

The last year has been very experimental for me. I’ve learned a lot more about photography, a lot more about cameras and almost more about being in front of the camera as well. Right now I’m pushing to be more emotionally open in front of the camera in order to actually convey feeling. When I was a pin up I always hid everything I felt in real life and forced fun and happiness into my images. Now I’m trying to simply be more honest. I don’t think this is something I’m good at but it’s something I’m working towards.

I’ve also learned that while I LOVE working with some people *cough Katie West and Jack Scoresby cough*, I in general don’t like being a model for someone. I don’t like showing up and being told what to do and who to be. I don’t agree with everyones creative vision. I am very specific with what I do, with what I show and how I show it.

So….after all that I DON’T KNOW! I don’t know what’s to become of anything currently. There are people who I want to work with sooner rather than later:

Derek Woods - 1. Because he’s amazing and he makes women look just….insanely gorgeous but always has fun elements to his stuff andddddd I want to pick his brain about using film 2. Because I was to steal his JuicyJ for girl dates 3. I want to meet his bulldog huxley!!!!! Actually…hopefully he’s take my picture WITH the huxley.

Julian Baker - She messaged me some time ago asking to work with me but unfortunately she’s in London. Her current work is amazing though.

High Castle - which is his screen name on flickr, I’m not sure if he uses his real name so I’m not going to list it.

Matt Sharkey who is great at capturing quiet moments.

And honestly there are probably so many more….

  1. tonightinatlanticcity said: If there’s anything I’d like to learn at this point in my creative career, it would be photography. I’ve kind of given up on the filmmaking thing.
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