The Daring Miss Daniels

Hi there, I'm Faye and this is my Daring lil space on Tumblr.

I'm a little chubby thing with a BIG personality, a retired BBW pin up model, a wannabe photographer, underachiever, dreamer and hopeless romantic.
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I'm all about your bass....
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Could you put it in your face


Hilda by Duane Bryers

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As in, this is a real thing……I’m not sure how I feel about this.

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Faye, I find you so inspirational! Your work mesmerizes me. I've long taken self portraits and I've found them becoming more artistic and communicative since discovering your blog. I plan to start a blog of my own soon largely thanks to your influence. I still aspire to be as daring as you, all of my self portraits artistically obfuscate my face, but I have been working on becoming more brave. Thank you for sharing your vision and baring a bit of your soul for people like me to see.
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Thank you so much for sending this to me. It makes me happy that you see this in what I post and that it drives you to try new things in your own week.


I needed a comment like this after last week. I know that’s a selfish comment but honestly - thank you so much.

It’s Monday. A very fuck it hair day.